Music notesThomas Kyprios was awarded 'Honours' for his 4th Grade Rockschool exam. Thomas also enjoys playing his acoustic guitar, but he has gone from strength to strength over the past year with his love of the electric guitar.  Thomas also takes part in his schools band and has plenty of support from his very musical family.  We are always delighted to have Thomas and his family perform for us at our annual concerts.  I wish Thomas all the very best for 2020 as he prepares to sit for his 6th grade Rockschool exam.



Music notesCongratulations to Dayton Nowicki who sat for his very first exam and received 'Honours' in Preliminary Classical Guitar. Dayton has been a regular performer at our annual concerts and continues to show a keen interest and love of the guitar. I look forward to seeing him return to his lessons this year to further develop his skills and ability with the instrument.



Music notes

Congratulations to Daniel Yang for receiving 'Honours' in his Third Grade AMEB Classical Guitar Exam.  Daniel's attention and focus towards his  preparation and practice time is commendable.  I look forward to his continued enthusiasm and application as we continue our guitar lessons in 2020.


Graham Jackson Music Concert Many thanks to all our students who performed at last years annual concert at "The Samford Community Hall" on November 10th.  Thanks also to all their respective family members who were an amazing and appreciative audience throughout the event.  It was wonderful to see some students perform for their very first time and to see many other students returning  to the stage with improved technical proficiency and confidence.  The Community Hall at Mount Nebo has undergone some wonderful refurbishments over the past couple of years and I look forward to our next event perhaps returning there if the weather conditions improve.  However, I feel we had a wonderful event at Samford and I'm sure either venue will be great for 2020.


graham harvey jackson destination absolutely elsewhereMy CD “Destination Absolutely Elsewhere” is available for purchase as a cd or as a download. The cd is comprised of 10 original compositions, 8 songs and 2 instrumental tracks.

They were recorded and produced by Neil Coombe at “The White Room” recording studio at Mount Nebo and mastered by Joe Panetta. The song “Love Lives Inside” which was awarded “best lyrics” by the Australian Songwriters Association is featured on the release.

Many thanks to the following guest musicians and vocalists involved with the project:  Jonathon Lloyd, David Crane, Alex Waller, Kiri Waiata-Green, Paula Heddeman and Wendy Tate. DOWNLOAD / ORDER



Music notesCongratulations to Jordan Mark, who successfully received a pass in his 4th grade AMEB classical guitar exam.

We all missed Jordan at last years concert, he has always provided us with either a stunning instrumental and/or sung song of his choice.

All the best to you as you enjoy your upcoming transition from school to university.


Graham JacksonMy next recording project is a selection of original guitar based instrumentals.  Some are solo guitar pieces, others will be multi-layered tracks of guitar with other instruments. The compositions have been written as a vehicle for expressing scenary and movement within nature.

The 3 tracks I received award placings for in "The Australian Songwriters Association's" competion will be re-recorded for inclusion in the project. "Learning To Fly From The Nest", "Appaloosa" and "Porch Chair Blues".  Stay tuned.


Music notesWell done and congratulations to Danny Thompson, who was awarded a "Credit" for his AMEB Classical Guiitar, 4th Grade Examination.  Danny had a busy 2016, completing his final senior year and you fully deserve your excellent results.  I look forward to you continuing your lessons in 2017.


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I submitted 4 tracks from my latest cd into the 2016 Vanda and Young song competion.

All procedes received from the price of the song entries went towards raising much-needed funds, for not-for-profit organisation, "NORDOFF-ROBBINS MUSIC THERAPY AUSTRALIA".